mariani and rob, nooitgedacht, cape town

i think i can say, i have now photographed Glenn Close in Dangerous Liasons.  Mariani is probably one of the most photogenic woman if have photographed.   she had some kind of other worldly grace.  like a swan, she glided through the day.  i don’t think i have one bad photo of her./  the venue, Nooigedacht, was as photogenic.  i have heard other photographers say that it’s a very beautiful wine farm to shoot on >  too true !  a special thanks to rob, the fabulous groom and  mariani’s mum and dad for treating me like royalty *  what a wedding !  what a happy day !

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nooitgedacht wine farm chapel

nooitgedacht wine farm bridal shoes

nooitgedacht wine farm bridesmaid

nooitgedacht wine farm mum of bride

nooitgedacht wine farm dressing

nooitgedacht wine farm groomsman

nooitgedacht wine farm groom

nooitgedacht wine farm the wedding dress

nooigedacht wine farm ceremony

nooigedacht wine farm bride and groom giggle

nooigedacht wine farm the food

nooigedacht wine farm congratulations

nooigedacht wine farm bride and groom couple shot

nooigedacht wine farm the bride in the fields

nooigedacht wine farm bride beauty

nooigedacht wine farm bridal couple pics

nooigedacht wine farm the groom suit

nooigedacht wine farm bride's speech

nooigedacht wine farm wedding party



  • Lauren Kim
    Oct 19th, 2012 - 7:02 pm - REPLY

    Love the sunlight in these photos – gorgeous